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Do You Know The Hidden Hazards In Your Home?

If someone asked you to think of someplace that you feel safe, chances are your home would be near the top of the list. But, your home can be full of potentially dangerous situations. Look at the pictures below to see if you recognize the warning signs and find out how you can help protect your family.

In The Living Room

Man lying on couch with cigarette in hand: Careless smoking is the number one cause of fatal fires. Stay alert while smoking--don't lie down or recline, and don't smoke if you have had alcohol or medications that might make you drowsy. Frayed cord on sweeper: Worn or frayed electric cords are a major cause of residential fires. Check your cords regularly for cracks, worn spots and loose plugs.
Child sitting on floor, matches on table: Children as young as 2 years old can light matches. Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children. Overloaded outlet - television, heater and lamp: Plugging multiple cords into an outlet can cause an electrical fire. Outlets are designed to provide electricity to only 2 appliances at a time.
Fireplace with no screen: Sparks and embers can easily ignite rugs, papers and other combustibles. Keep the screen or glass doors closed when your fireplace is in use. Electric space heater: Electric heaters can cause furniture, clothing and bedding to burn. If you use an electric or kerosene heater remember: Space Heaters Need Space.

In The Kitchen

Pot handle sticking out from stove:  Pot handles can easily be bumped while cooking or pulled over by a small child. Always turn handles to the back or side to avoid serious scald burns. Chemicals under sink:  Cleaning supplies are a serious poison hazard for young children. Keep supplies on high shelves outside the kitchen or in locked cabinets.
Person reaching over stove:  Reaching over the stove can cause a clothing fire. Only wear close fitting close with short or rolled up sleeves when cooking. If your clothes catch fire, smother the fire by stopping immediately, dropping to the floor and rolling to smother the fire. Extinguisher not accessible:  If you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, place it near the doorway where it will be accessible in an emergency. This eliminates the possibility of the fire being between you and your extinguisher.
Toaster under a cabinet or paper towel holder: Toasters produce a great deal of heat. Always move them forward on the counter to avoid combustibles such as cabinets or paper towels. Always unplug your toaster when not in use. Food or items stored in oven (visible through window in oven): Food, skillets and dishes stored in ovens can spell disaster. Make it a habit to check the oven before turning it on.

In the Bedroom

Smoke detector with no battery in hall:  A working smoke detector doubles your chances of surviving a fire in your home. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors every month and change the batteries twice a year when you change your clocks. Blocked window: In case of fire, your window may be your only means of escape. Move furniture and other obstructions from in front of windows and make sure you can open them easily.
Clothes iron plugged in, on the floor and too close to the bed:  Clothes irons can cause serious burns and are also hot enough to ignite combustibles. Unplug them when not in use and allow them to cool in an uncluttered area. Clutter: Clutter, such as piles of clothes or paper, can feed fires as well as hinder your escape if there is a fire. Keep escape routes clear and clutter to a minimum.
Burned down candle on table: The number of residential fires caused by candles has increased significantly. Burn candles in holders that will catch any wax and never leave a candle burning unattended. Lamp with shirt thrown over it: Light bulbs become very hot and can scorch or ignite combustibles. Maintain a safe distance between lamps and anything that can burn such as furniture, curtains or clothes.

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